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Chemistry can often be one of the more challenging sciences simply because it’s a bit of a mixture – incorporating both biology and physics.


Alkanes + Algebra + Rates of Reaction = Chemistry

On one hand you need to memorise a few alkanes. You may also need to do a little bit of maths. Plus have an understanding of the physical concepts driving chemistry (for example, those in rates of reaction). This can be quite demanding and students often struggle with comprehending a wide range of problems, as well as needing to learn the vital facts. Our tutors are experienced professionals, some of whom have worked in the industry for over 10 years. We also offer University tuition in Chemistry for all subjects, see below for further details. We encourage students to get started with their tuition as early as possible. Good Chemistry tutors are hard to find and are always the first to get fully booked.

Chemistry at the GCSE/IGCSE level is the first time students are formally introduced to a hard Science. The core curriculum consists of a lot of content based learning, including chemical formulae, structures and equations. Students will also need to know about the various physical processes and be able to give detailed explanations. Good Chemistry tutors should be able to tailor a tutorial to cover all of these areas and our tutors are experts in doing this. Often, tutors cover multiple subjects, such as Physics and Maths as these are all interlinked.


Our GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry Tutors are ready to handle any syllabus and any exam board. They are aware of all the major changes being made to the curriculum and they know how to prepare students for exams. Tutorials are based on understanding concepts, such as how to read and construct chemical formulae, as well as general learning. In the run up to exams, tutors will go through past exam papers with students to help them achieve an A/A*.

Chemistry at A Level and IB is highly specific. It is split into three parts – Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. Most Universities require an A or B grade in order to secure a place on STEM courses such as Medicine, Pharmacy and Pharmacology. It is also a core requirement for Chemical Engineering (the highest paid graduate job). For top tier Universities (i.e. those within the Russell Group) and Masters this rises to an A as minimum. Chemistry also requires good Maths skills, some of which are only covered in A Level Maths courses. Many students take a Maths qualification alongside their Chemistry. A good tutor should be able to guide a student in both Maths and Chemistry. They should also work on developing core skills such as problem solving and dealing with multi-step calculations.


In a competitive field, excellence is a must. All our tutors have studied Chemistry to degree level or higher. They are specialists in helping you to understand the more complex topics found at A Level/IB. We can provide tutors for all A Level modules across all exam boards, including AQA, Edexcel and OCR. They are fully prepared to tutor for the new A Level syllabus. We are happy to work with students who are struggling or lagging behind in their studies. As well as students who have not taken Maths A Level and are finding mathematical problems or balancing equations difficult. Make an enquiry today and ask for maths help if you need it.

In University, Chemistry and related topics can be tough. Multiple subjects are covered, such as Maths, Thermodynamics and Quantum Physics. This is all in addition to Chemistry topics. Our tutors are all graduates from some of the best Universities in the country, with experience of tutoring other students in degree level Chemistry. We also have Physics and Maths tutors to help you understand the multi-diciplined areas of your degree.


We cater to all students from all faculties, including the life sciences, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, as well as medicine, biomedicine and Chemical Engineering. We have tutors coming from different backgrounds, including Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and Maths. This gives us a wide and varied base to deal with various problems that students might encounter.