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Specialist Science Tutors is a leading provider of tutors for Engineering. Many of our tutors come recommended by their previous students, as we have provided private tuition to students at all stages of their education. Our tutors have worked with degree level students as well as foundation year students and those taking BTEC qualifications. As Engineering consists of learning applied modules as well as Maths. Students often have weakness in Maths, especially if they have not taken A Level Maths, and we specialise in helping them.


In order to gain a position on a graduate scheme, a 2:1 is usually sought by students in Engineering. We have tutored students at various Universities in London such as Brunel, Kingston, Royal Holloway, Imperial, Westminster and City. We also provide tuition to students attending Universities outside of London such as Bath, Manchester, York, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield and others. Our tutors are able to provide tuition online to help with this, but many students take the time to come to London to have their sessions face to face. Contact us today to arrange your first lesson with one of our specialist Tutors.

Students often the lack the Maths skills to properly handle BTEC Engineering courses and this is where our tutors come in. Many students opt for BTEC courses because they have not performed strongly in their GCSEs. What they do not realise, is that the BTEC courses have less structure when it comes to teaching Maths. They place a higher emphasis on practical work, computing and learning to use AutoCAD. Our tutors specialise in helping these sorts of students, introducing them to Mathematical rigour and proof. This is what is needed to succeed at University, when competing against peers who may have taken A Levels and other rigorous qualifications.

We offer a very specialised services for foundation year students. Our tutors have worked with students from different fields of Engineering, including Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Electronic. Foundation years often involve topics from different subjects and these can be as diverse as Electronics, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. These topics can be considered GCSE, AS and A2 level, but there can be topics not found on any syllabus. This requires specialist help from tutors with relevant degrees and experience in tutoring for these subjects. Our tutors all have a minimum of a degree, and we have Engineers, Physicists and Mathematicians on staff.

At University, Engineering consists of Maths, applied units and computation. We have several specialists who are dedicated to helping students with their Maths work, as well others who can help with the applied units such as thermodynamics and mechanics.


Our services for University are highly specialised. We treat each case individually, so to find out what we are able to do, please get in touch. Our staff is made up of a small group of tutors, some with more than 10 years experience tutoring. They have a track record of helping mature students, as well as those moving from A Level to University. Some of our tutors are University lecturers and PhD holders, having specific specialisations. We will require details along with any enquiry, this includes things like the syllabus of the module, lecture notes and worksheets, in order to help us find the right tutor for you.