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Good Physics Tutors are hard to find. This is because a student usually needs to learn some Maths to help them tackle their Physics course. They also need to learn logic, problem solving and how to tackle multi-step calculations, all in preparation for University. Physics unlocks progression on to most of the major STEM courses, with two key ones being Physics and Engineering courses. Some of the most prestigious courses require entrance exams or additional tests to be taken.This is where our Specialist Physics Tutors come in. Our tutors are fully equipped to deal with every syllabus and every topic. We also have tutors who deal with University students for Physics and Engineering who can give further advice.


A strong result in A Level/IB Physics is needed to gain entry into many different STEM fields. Physics is also a complimentary subject for other fields such as Computer Science and Medicine, where the retained knowledge is very useful. To gain entry onto A Level/IB Physics a minimum of a B is needed in IGCSE/GCSE Maths and Physics. It is for this reason a student should start their tuition as early as possible. Our Physics tutors can also support students needing help with Maths. Contact us today to see if we have a specialist Physics tutor near you.

GCSE/IGCSE Physics can be one of the most daunting subjects to tackle. Students are required to learn definitions, laws, rules, formulas and units. Students also need to be able to handle a minimum of B grade Algebra from their Maths course. This is where our tutors come in. Drawing upon their experience and skills, they can provide bespoke tutorials to cover all of these areas and more. Often, tutors cover multiple subjects, such as Chemistry and Maths as these are all interlined.


Our tutors are equipped to handle any syllabus, either for the GCSEs, IGCSEs, or any international qualification such as the IB Middle years program. They keep themselves up to date with any major changes in the curriculum. Tutorials usually focus on developing a student’s knowledge about key concepts and getting comfortable solving equations. The final step is to prepare them for exams by going through past exam papers, assessing their weak points and bringing them up to an A/A* standard.

A Level and IB Physics are the hardest subjects deal with as they need very good Algebra skills. While AS Physics only requires a B gade in GCSE Maths, usually A/A* levels of Maths are tested. A2 pushes far beyond this, requiring knowledge of logarithms and exponential functions in addition to elementary calculus. IB, Pre-U and AP Physics can be a lot tougher, with calculus as core requirement. Many students take a Maths qualification alongside Physics, a common combination at A Level is Maths with Mechanics (M1). A good tutor should be able to help a student with both their Maths and Physics problems. They should also prepare students for University by emphasising core skills such as problem solving and dealing with multi-step calculations.


Our tutors are equipped to handle any qualification, any syllabus, for both domestic and foreign qualifications. We have several subject specialists who keep themselves up to date with all major changes to the Physics curriculum. They are fully prepared to tutor for the new A Level syllabus. Problem solving is a major component of tutorials, as is developing knowledge of complex phenomena and practicing exam questions. Our tutor can also help prepare students for entrance exams and challenges. Many tutors strongly encourage students to take these regardless of ability, as the process helps to push students towards achieving higher grades.

In University, Physics and Engineering require students to study multiple topics, covering Maths, Applied Physics and Computing. Our tutors can help with all of the Maths and Physics a student will encounter at University.


Our services for University are highly specialised. We treat each case individually, so to find out what we are able to do, please get in touch We have several experienced tutors on staff, with a track record of helping mature students, Masters students and those who have fallen behind. Some of our tutors are University lecturers and PhD holders, having specific specialisations.