Terms and Conditions

Terms for Clients/Students:

  1. All invoices must be paid at the start of the month/upon receipt. However, we offer a period of 10 days as a grace period to allow for any issues in making payment. We do not offer lessons on credit, therefore all invoices are issued at the start of the month for the whole month. All lessons must be paid for in advance. We reserve the right to charge interest and a late fee of £60 for each late/overdue invoice.
  2. Any cancellations/rearrangements must be done at least 48 hours in advance or we will charge the full fee for the lesson. Students cancelling more than twice a month will also be charged for all cancelled lessons. We may also decline to provide further tutoring to such students. We will enforce this at our discression.
  3. Students must complete all homework set by tutors.
  4. Students must not seek private arrangements with tutors outside of that established by Hounslow Academy. Students who do this/attempt to do this will be liable to pay a registration fee of £1000.
  5. We offer our services directly to families. Any companies looking for a subcontracting arrangement should contact us and make it clear that they are looking for subcontractors. We will then make any decisions based on offers.
  6. We assume anyone contacting us has read the terms and conditions on this website. We will not accept that students/parents were “unaware” of our terms and conditions when contacting us.